Our First Valentine’s Day

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane.

We celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together 33 years ago.  (Seriously? That makes it sound like we are dead with old age. ) 


I remember walking into my dad’s grocery store, where we both worked, to find a giant 3 foot heart balloon floating in the air and realizing it was for me. Then I discovered that there was a single rose and a heart shaped pillow that also carried a personalized note much like the balloon.  I went searching today for the pillow but I was unsuccessful.  However, in the process, I realized I still had the balloon tucked away in my hope chest. I had no idea it was there but I am so glad I kept it. Unfolding that large piece of mylar brought back a ton of memories.


I found a picture of the rose as well.  Looking at this picture makes me laugh and wonder what he ever found attractive about me.  Can you say hot mess?  But I’m so glad he loved me anyway. I was the ripe old age of 13… but that’s a story for another day. Thankfully, my mom was thoughtful enough to dry that very rose and save it.  And 8 years later, I carried it down the aisle in my bouquet on the day I said I do.

I suspect he will come home today with a box of chocolates or perhaps cut flowers.  Because I refuse to fight a crowd at a restaurant, we will eat dinner at home. I would say a quiet dinner, but we have kids, so it won’t be quiet at all.  And we are also nursing a sick little valentine today.  So our Valentine’s Day will be far from romantic, but that’s ok.


I honestly don’t get too caught up in expectations of what the day holds.  I’m ok with or without flowers or chocolates.  We will grab a quiet dinner date as soon as the sickies are out of our house and that’s enough for me.  Spending everyday… good or bad … with my forever Valentine is enough. 




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