Newly Engaged? Things to consider when you begin Wedding Planning.


He asked. You said “YES!” Congratulations! You just got engaged! Your mind is going in a hundred different directions all at once, right?


It’s only been moments or hours since the proposal and all the thoughts are already invading your mind – Choosing the date, the venue, the wedding planner, photographer, videographer, DJ,  announcing your engagement to your friends and family and finding a unique way to ask your bridal party to stand by your side on your special day. Your head is spinning.

I get it. It may have been a hot minute since I was a bride, but being the Mother of the Bride recently gave me the experience all over again! So if you are just getting started with the planning here are a few tips to help.


1. Determine your budget. Sounds fun, huh? But oh so necessary. The word Budget seems confining, but I promise it helps determine your steps. If your parents are picking up the tab, then its time to have a serious discussion. Once the budget amount is set, you can begin the rest of your planning!


2. With your budget now in mind, decide what your biggest priorities are. Where do you want to allocate the most amount of your budget. Have you always dreamed of getting married at a certain venue? Do you want to dance the night away with a live band? Unless your budget is unlimited, there may be some compromise involved. Maybe you opt for a Friday or Sunday wedding if the venue offers a discounted rate for those days. For my daughters wedding, we opted for a Spotify play list rather than a band or DJ so we could allocate more money toward the venue, photographer and videographer.

3. Hire a planner if your budget allows. I’ve been the wedding coordinator for our church for more than 15 years. Being behind the scenes makes you realize your need a highly organized person to make sure all the details are taken care of. Because I have experience, and I am a total DIY kind of girl, I was tempted to take the reigns and just have a friend carry out my plans. But deep down, I knew better. I needed someone very experienced to handle all the things so I could relax and live in the moment. Hiring Shea was the best decision ever.


4. Choose a photographer that fits your style. Take time to evaluate what you expect your wedding portraits to look like. Is light, bright and airy your style or are you drawn to dark and moody photos? Find a photographer who consistently produces the look your prefer.


Wedding planning is so exciting and a little overwhelming sometimes. Take it one step at the time and savor every moment. You will be walking down the aisle and starting brand new chapter of your life before you know it!

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Dothan, AL 

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