Andrew & Allie – Proposal

I love a good surprise! I’m the girl who can know exactly where my birthday or Christmas present is being hid, and I won’t dare look. I don’t want to ruin it! So, imagine my delight when I was contacted about a proposal shoot last week! Andrew shared with me his plan to propose to his girlfriend while on a weekend trip, visiting extended family. He wanted to make sure the moment was documented.

When I arrived, Andrew took me to the area he had picked out on his family’s land. It was a gorgeous rural setting. We found the perfect spot and laid out a plan.


Originally, we planned for me to hide behind the tractor parked nearby, but after Andrew left, I realized I would have to walk around the tractor, which would be too noisy as I stepped on leaves. I certainly didn’t want to risk Allie hearing me before the big moment, so I finally decided on hiding behind a tree, where a split in the trunk would allow me to grab a few shots of them walking up. As I waited for Andrew and Allie to arrive, I just hoped that tree was big enough to hide me!

It wasn’t long until Andrew’s dad called saying they were on the way.

Andrew convinced Allie that he dropped his phone earlier in the day when he was playing with his dog, and they needed to find it before dinner with his family. They hopped out of his truck and immediately began to look.


Andrew didn’t waste any time and pulled Allie right to the spot we had picked. In just a few seconds, he was on one knee asking Allie the question of a lifetime, and it didn’t take her long to say “YES!”. She was the sweetest thing ever as she let the reality of the moment set in. Her excitement was obvious as she declared, “We are engaged! You’re my fiancĂ©!”


I’m pretty sure Allie has a keeper on her hands. Andrew’s attention to detail was amazing. He picked a tranquil location and was aware that having this moment documented was important to Allie. This level of planning shows the level of care and love that he must have for her.


Andrew, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I pray that you and Allie have a lifelong marriage filled with abundant blessings from the Lord.


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