{Senior Week } How To Choose a Senior Photographer


Your Senior Year is just around the corner. It’s a time that you thought might never arrive, and I believe, one of the biggest milestones in your life – a rite of passage. You are crossing over into adulthood. It will be one of the most celebrated times of your life.


Of course, you want to savor every moment of this time in your life. Having Senior Portraits made is a huge part of your year. So how do you ensure you get those special memories captured into a photograph? Well, picking your Senior Portrait Photographer is a key element!

But how do you know if a photographer is the right fit for you? Well that can be a bit tricky. Many times people just look at the bottom line of the cost and find someone they feel to be affordable. The best place to start is by looking at the style of their photography. Do you prefer light and airy, dark and moody, bright and vibrant? Be sure to pick someone who reflects the style you prefer and is consistent with it. If not, you will be sadly disappointed regardless of how accomplished they are at their craft. A quick scroll through Instagram will quickly reveal what style they prefer. Personally, I gravitate toward a light and bright style.


What does package include? Some photographers just charge a session fee and then prints and products are a separate cost. Others include a package of prints, or maybe even digitals. Some only sell digitals once prints are purchased. Some offer outfit changes. There is no right or wrong here. Just be sure to know what they are offering and that it meets your needs. My session fees include digital files, but I always encourage my clients to order prints as well. Why? Well quite honestly, because people tend to not take the time to have prints made. And let’s face it, one day the technology of today will be obsolete and you could lose your images in a matter of seconds. A professionally crafted album will last for years to come and your children will get love seeing pictures of their mom or dad when they were young!


What products do they offer? We live in a digital world. And most everyone I know wants digital files of their session. I get it, seriously. I want them too. But think beyond the digital files for just a moment. Your Senior Portraits are ones that get hung on the wall, so check to see if your photographer can provide you with prints and products from a professional lab. There is a significant difference in color in photos from a professional lab and the 1 hour print at the local drug store. I always highly recommend that my clients order professionally printed products for anything they want to display in their home. Be sure to think through other items you might want as well such as personalized photo graduation invitations, canvases, thank you cards, and albums ( my personal favorite!). Ask your photographer about these items when you first inquire about booking.

Considering all these factors ( and I’m sure there are more) will help ensure you get those moments captured that you will treasure for a lifetime.


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